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2012 Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

VTMS Tracking

VTMS – Vessel Traffic Management System

The Vessel Traffic Management System gathers target data from radars and AIS, integrates these data and presents target data overlaid on electronic maritime charts. The system is designed to fulfil and extend the IALA recommendations for a VTS system.

The Vessel Traffic Management System consists of several modules and is scalable in design. Each customer has different requirements and the Vessel Traffic Management System is tailored to the customer needs for every project.

The Traffic Display is using traditional electronic charts. It has a multiple layers structure, including a custom layer editor and radar video overlay. It supports a wide range of zones and fairways. Alarms can be configured for targets entering/leaving zones, targets drifting off anchorage points and other significant alarm triggers.

VTMS gathers the information from all possible kinds of sensors:

VTMS key functions are:

This unique field-proven system provides improved navigation's, safety efficiency and protects maritime environments.