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The Chameleon


The Chameleon is a small sized team of highly experienced veteran  operatives from  Israeli Security Organs, performing  real time  intelligence gathering and private investigations, with offices in South Africa and five Continents.

The team carries out specialised, cutting edge intelligence gathering  and private investigations with the capabilities to adapt to any environment and business cycles.

The information obtained, is recorded, analysed and processed  with emphasis on deep research  through HUNINT (Human sourced intelligence)  OSINT (Open source Intelligence) or SIGIT (Signal intelligence) to establish and identity threat characteristics.

The conceptual approach and methodology  utilized per case, is original and effective.

To supplement its activities,  The Chameleon team utilises sophisticated next generation relevant technologies.

The Chameleon team operates lawfully and performs its obligations  under any environment including hostile and high risk.

The Chameleon team will not only tell you what is happening, but most importantly what is about to happen, who is involved  and will define the modus operandi to allow you time to prepare  to respond, manage and prevent irreversible damages and enable minor issues that may have major outcomes to be prevented.

The Chameleon provides its services to high profile individuals, high profile business people, organisations , Government Entities, Corporate's and provides specialist services to National Law Enforcement Agencies.

The specialist  branch within the team, consults for national critical infrastructure security projects such as Land, Air and Maritime Borders, Prisons, Petroleum and Pipeline Infrastructures, Harbours, Airports, Power Stations, major Sporting Events,  Election Campaigns, State visits  and  other critical infrastructures.

The Chameleon team is easy to approach.  All negotiations, discussions and meetings are treated with the highest of confidentiality.

The Chameleon