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Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

2012 Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

Wolf GZ1 Homeland Security & Defence


The Team


WOLF GZ1 is an Intelligence Based Solution Driven Platform.

WOLF GZ1 is a leading global security integrator providing end-to-end solutions for the Government Sector, the Public Sector and Private Organisations worldwide.

WOLF GZ1's team of world class experts combines Israeli experience, originality, innovation and practicality with an understanding of our client's needs in order to create effective security platforms and solutions.

WOLF GZ1 and its team of Global Experts, is a world leader in providing military and para-military armed forces, police, special forces, and intelligence agencies with superior, cutting-edge solutions and know-how for decision superiority and theatre dominance.

The team has proven its capabilities to lead and excel in its many business areas, providing advanced solutions for the most demanding operational needs.

Our services and solutions are deployed to perform Network Centric Intelligence, Surveillance, Communications,  Command & Control,  Self Protection and the combating of Cyber Crimes in peace and in wartime.

We provide the expertise, know-how and relevant experience in a broad-base of Homeland Security and pro-active security and defence strategic initiatives and planning.

WOLF GZ1 with its leading International strategic partners are licensed and authorized by all relevant authorities to effect international sales, marketing, consultancy and training.

The Team comprises of Top Ranking Veterans of Military and Security Organs.