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Safe City Projects

The ever growing inner city crime and terrorist attacks in major city centres has increased the need for urban surveillance capabilities and security solutions of advanced technology based surveillance integration integrated into regional and command and control centres with a clear view of all available city EMS in order to enable coordinated and effective rapid response actions.

WOLF GZ1 provides the total turnkey solutions which are tailor-made, designed, integrated and customised to meet your city’s potential threats and operational needs. WOLF GZ1 provides remote surveillance technologies, content analysis, tracking and tracing and advanced operational communications.

WOLF GZ1 deals with smart Public safety and security in cities. The main objective is to enhance the role of Future Internet looking to ensure people feel safe in a protected environment.

WOLF GZ1 aims at making Public Safety service infrastructures significantly smarter through tighter integration with Internet networking and computing capabilities. WOLF GZ1’s framework is envisaged to help Public Safety organisations collecting, sharing and analysing data more effectively in order to make smarter real time decisions while planning and responding from incidents and emergencies. Helping agencies gain a common operational picture and raising situational awareness by sharing information quickly and securely with multiple systems is at the core of the approach. Concretely, WOLF GZ1 arises to enhance Situational Awareness and first Response phases of an incident or emergency occurring within the city area.

WOLF GZ1 offers advanced systems which may include:

HUNTER 1000 - Smart City Solutions

The Hunter 1000 is a revolutionary solution for smart safe environments. An ideal combination of video surveillance and advanced LED Street lights provide our customers a seamless integrated solution for low power consumption, green energy and advanced security.

The Hunter 1000 is built for scalability and flexibility, enjoying powerful independent 45/90 and even 120Watt LED modules the solution enables one housing for all the required environments of the facilities.

Simple and cost effective installation - A combination of fibre and wireless abilities the Hunter 1000 does not require any special infrastructure arrangements.

This revolutionary solution assures quick and efficient deployment of the project utilizing existing poles and electricity lines. This solution is also the first in the world to deploy a civilian friendly security project that takes in mind the feeling of the visitor to the city on top of security needs .

Intelligent video surveillance of the advanced smart secure street lights include in it our advanced IP video surveillance solutions, with full Day/Night X 10 moving camera each light is converted into a complete security solution. The street lights cameras allow advanced video algorithms embedded to expand the level of automatic detection of abnormal behaviour around the lagoon.

Automatic detection solutions - the Hunter 1000 is equipped special video algorithms that utilize the street light as a master mind controller for abnormal activities – virtual fences, suspicious objects, people counting, traffic violations and many more activities are automatically recognized by the Hunter 1000

SOS sensors with video verification- smart integration of push buttons enable deployment of such emergency buttons which are fully integrated with the video solution.

This enables instant pop up and movement of the relevant camera to verify the incoming alert.

an optional microphone and a speaker converts every pole into a smart talking solution which expands dramatically the ability to understand the situation and provide an adequate resolution to it.

Smart command and control centre integration- the Hunter 1000 is seamlessly integrated into dozens of video surveillance and command centres.

The control centre solution is very flexible and scalable assuring the city a long time project with vast scalability.

The hunter 1000 is a revolutionary approach to street lights and public safety all together.

The Hunter 1000 is a real vandal proof solution equipped with full vandal proof optics both for video and for the LED light.

This is the perfect combination of powerful LED lights that cut down on electricity costs, maintenance fees, and environmental pollution gasses with a very powerful video surveillance module.

The revolution in the Hunter 1000 is its flexibility to fit for multiple light scenarios, providing the ability scale up the LED modules from 45W to 90W. This solution allows intelligent control the dim level of the light at different scenarios. Another great advantage with the Hunter 1000 is the building block approach that takes away to the need to exchange a complete street light housing or even open it when an LED required maintenance. Our very low maintenance solution offers the ability to replace a single LED.


The Hunter 1000 is equipped with a very strong video engine that combines the ultimate IP encoding and video analytics (optional) platform with a super light adaptive PTZ (pan Tilt Zoom) full day/night camera with X10 zoom abilities.

The video module in the Hunter is equipped with dry contacts for inputs (panic push button, LED status) and for out puts (siren/ burst of light).

The video module enables video integrated audio solution implementation (optional) microphone and speaker locally in the pole for further security.

The Video encoding module is a powerful, compact and innovative, intelligent video server featuring Mango’s award winning IVS software platform with its advanced video encoding capabilities and integrated video content analytics.


The Video encoding module is especially designed to allow a distributed intelligent video architecture, transforming each analog camera into a proactive video surveillance solution enhanced by PTZ control and alarm I/O management.




1000 LED Features

Video Encoding Platform

Hunter 1000 Video Surveillance Features

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