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Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

2012 Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

Radar Electro Optics

WOLF GZ1 is authorized by the relevant authorities to market, sell, install and integrate high quality electro-optics and radar systems.

Security radars are used for detection, position tracking and classification of humans or other objects, those objects being any stationary or moving reflectors like personnel, animals, cars, bikes, motorcycles, trucks. The typical max. detection range per application varies from objects required detection from 200m to 15km.

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Advantages of this Radar technology:


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Perimeter surveillance is the main application for smartmicro's homeland security radar technology. Typical installations are industrial production sites, electric power plants, nuclear power plants, jail facilities etc.

Radar sensors are placed along the perimeter of any object, usually every 100m along a fence or between two fences. The length of the perimeter may be up to 20km.

We offer to our customers radar sensors to build own security systems. Alternatively we are able to provide complete solutions: sensor hardware, communication and data fusion equipment, engineering services that help to find the optimum setup for an individual object and alarm processing and monitoring software for use on a PC.

The Radar sensors are available in different versions, so the setup is usually flexibly adapted to the individual local conditions of the building or site to be secured. Many sensors can be switched together. The positioning of the units is mainly a geometrical question.

Integrated Radar & Electro-Optics

Integrated Radar & Electro-Optics


Advanced Miniature Radar