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Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

2012 Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

Pipeline Surveillance & Protection

The protection of both land based and sub-aqua pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping, and terrorist action, etc, is a high priority in all countries, particularly in times of heightened tension; however, until now this has been notoriously difficult to achieve effectively.

When a pipeline is damaged significant revenues will be lost, damage is caused to the local environment and the leakage is a potential hazard to the local population.

Often the damage may not become apparent to the pipeline operators for days or even weeks and then it may take days to accurately pinpoint the location of the damage.

Not only must any system be able to provide a high probability of detection with a very low probability of false alarm activations but with pipelines extending over hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, the ability to pinpoint the location of any incident is also a vital requirement if loss is to be avoided or minimized.

WOLF GZ1 offers a range of solutions that can be used to provide a high degree of protection to pipelines and terminals and which can be networked and interfaced with other systems to provide a common control and command system covering the whole infrastructure.

WOLF GZ1’s pipeline protection systems are designed to protect Gas, Oil and Liquid Pipelines and other utility pipeline distribution networks.

All Terrain Systems

Most pipelines will be a combination of both underground (buried) systems and over ground (exposed) systems. Wolf GZ1 All Terrain Systems and cutting edge technologies together with vast Global Experience combined with Israeli know how, will provide protection, detection and verification with real-time immediate response before any damages will occur.

Sub-Aqua Systems

Pipelines from offshore facilities or running between land masses are uniquely vulnerable from covert attack from divers and submersibles and present a challenge to adequately protect with the same level of requirement as for land based systems i.e. rapid and sure detection, low risk of false alerts and pin point accuracy in location of any incident.

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