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Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

Lawful Interception


The system enables a Security Organisation, Police, Intelligence etc. to enter a phone number from anywhere around the World and get back the location. The location is a Cell ID, so it is not exact, but it gives you a resolution of between 50 metres to 3,000 metres, depending on the country. Once you get the location, you can then use tactical means to locate the person up to "touching" the person.

Disguised Vehicle - Outside

Disguised Vehicle - Inside

Encased Unit

Unit Open & Ready for Use

What can our system investigate?

What can be done with our solutions?

Strategic Projects

Tactical Projects

What can our solutions do?

Semi-Tactical Microwave Interception

Tactical GSM Monitoring - Additional Functions:

Interception of Communication has become the most crucial task in Intelligence Gathering, WOLF GZ1 ensures that your "ear" is always in the right place.

Based on a track proven worldwide service, WOLF GZ1 offers effective next generation platform interception solutions.

                                 WOLF GZ1 provides these services to:

                                 • Army and Intelligence Agencies

                                 • Law Enforcement Agencies

                                 • Telecom and Internet Service Providers

                                 • Prisons