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Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

2012 Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

Convoy Protection

Our new RCJ139 Convoy Bomb Jammer is designed to protect a Group of Vehicles from Remote Controlled Explosive Devices (RCIED)

When the system is activated, it transmits a unique noise signal which creates a "Firewall" between the transmitter (the Terrorist) and the receiver (the explosive device)

Here you are in the Convoy totally unprotected from harms way.

There is a Bomb planted on the side of the road just waiting for you.

There is someone ready to detonate the bomb as your Convoy passes past the bomb.

This is how you end up, not knowing what hit you!

Making your trip Super Secure and Safe!

Fully Fibre Optic Remote Control

Internal Radiation Protection

Hi - Gain Omni Directional Antenna Concealed inside the Overhead Roof Baggage.

With 1400 Watt Output Power the device provides up to 800 Meters of safe distance.

With  a Press of a Button, you are now fully protected against any remote controlled Bomb Attack along the road!

The RCJ139 Convoy Bomb Jammer - sending out it's Jamming Signal has the Convoy Totally covered!

The Bomb cannot be detonated as you saw previously happen.

The Convoy drives past Safe and Sound!

The RCJ139 Convoy Bomb Jammer has kept everyone Alive and Well in the Convoy!

Life goes on!

Enter the

RCJ139 Convoy Bomb Jammer -

The VIP Convoy Bomb Signal Jammer