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Container Management

WOLF GZ1 provides OCR solutions for a wide range of cargo automation and security applications. WOLF GZ1 gate systems have also been integrated into radiation scanning portals to provide container content inspection systems.

WOLF GZ1 Cargo systems automatically identify and record container ISO code numbers and IMO label markings for container tracking and management systems. These Container Code Recognition (CCR) systems increase security, automation, accuracy and efficiency at marine ports, intermodal container terminals, warehouses and other container handling facilities resulting in cost savings and increased throughput.

WOLF GZ1 Cargo systems transmit the recognition data ID string to the port or gate computer, or to a client process. The Container Code Recognition systems are available as complete systems as follows;

SeeGate - gate recognition system for the trucks and containers.

SeeCrane - fully-integrated crane-mounted OCR system for Quay cranes, and other container handling equipment such as UTRs

SeeRail - a fully integrated Rail Mounted OCR System, single track, multiple tracks or rail-side or rail-overhead mounted system, high speed.

Additional yard systems for other container handling equipment.

The WOLF GZ1 systems include additional features for damage inspection imaging, IMO label identification, chassis number recognition, truck license plate recognition, seal presence detection, and door direction.

SeeGate3 is a fully integrated third generation Gate OCR system that automatically reads and records the container ISO code number as the truck passes through a gate complex. The system may also include integrated modules for reading of the truck license plate number, the chassis number, the rear plate number and IMO label marking information and damage inspection.

SeeGate System is a container terminal gate processing system, ideally suited for recognition and recording of container code numbers together with the truck plate numbers, chassis numbers, and others.

SeeGate3 system utilizes high performance gigE digital cameras with shutter speed control, thereby ensuring high OCR performance.

The SeeGate3 system includes integrated hardware and software systems. The system is based on a proprietary Container Code Recognition (CCR) software engine and utilizes rugged high performance gigE camera systems with shutter speed control and pulsed solid-state LED illuminators.

The system can also be interfaced with the terminal load-lists and manifests for enhanced

recognition performance.

SeeGate3 is designed to share the container and truck, chassis identification and other optional container Information (IMO label markings, Damage Inspection imaging) with a central server system. The recognition results are transmitted after each identification and are also stored in the local database for optional manual review. One or more Client applications can intercept the messages, for data recording and/or for further processing. XML interface is available and easily integrated with popular TOS (Terminal Operating Systems).

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