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Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

2012 Supersound Security Group Johannesburg South Africa

Arial Surveillance & Observation

Aerial reconnaissance is reconnaissance that is conducted using unmanned aerial vehicles or reconnaissance aircraft.[citation needed] Their roles are to collect real-time imagery intelligence, signals intelligence and measurement and signature intelligence with the capability of transmitting real-time video to first and second responder 24/7.

WOLF GZ1 provides day/night tactical Aerial Surveillance capabilities for:

Military -

Non-military -

Including crowd control and large urban area observation, pre-interdiction recon, military base perimeter protection, high-value asset protection, border security and any mission that can benefit from a persistent platform including over the hill surveillance which is deployed easily by one or two operators. It is easily transported with a worldwide proven performance.

Features -

Due to the low cost of miniature UAVs, this technology brings aerial reconnaissance into the hands of soldiers on the ground. The soldier on the ground can both control the UAV and see its output, yielding great benefit over a disconnected approach. With small systems being man packable, operators are now able to deploy air assets quickly and directly.

Objects can be detected from a UAV or tactical UAV through its payloads that the UAV carries and are capable to identify 24/7 objects of a size of 20cm from altitudes between 200metres to 60 000 feet.