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AMSTAF - UGV Solutions

Supersound Security Group/WOLF GZ1 is the authorised strategic partner and representative of Amstaf Technologies and Products


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Terrorism, guerilla and other hostile activities, threats on critical facilities like: airports, military bases, mines, solar farms, oíl and gas installations, power plants and borders. The AMSTAF is the best solution for parameter patrol, detection & pursuit operations, as well as rescue and detection missions in hostile environments, to replace security manned patrol to avoid human errors and reduce costs.


AMSTAF UGV as radiation detection assignment at nuclear site. UGV Radiation Detection System provides reliable, high quality, real-time intelligence gathering using the AMSTAF with stabilized payload for Radiation Detection to provide rapid and innovative solutions for deterrence, detection and CBRN identification and neutralization. A life saving, cost effective intelligent solution. The AMSTAF can be used in daily security patrol mission around the site.

AMSTAF as Fire Detection & Fast Neutralization assignment

AMSTAF equipped with Ranger Eye's advanced monitoring and control solutions offer real-time protection of sensitive installations 24/7. Our sophisticated and versatile incident management system uses cutting-edge technology to provide total coverage and protection. The computerized system integrated on the AMSTAF, which combines a sophisticated thermal imager and powerful water cannon, can be utilized for soft defence, CRBN neutralization and fire fighting Ranger Eye identifies potentially dangerous situations, provides real-time alerts, and activates a series of remote controlled, non-lethal security deterrents or fire prevention options powerful CAFS skid unit which provides heavy duty fire fighting capabilities wherever needed. 60 gallons of solution provide up to 1200 gallons of finished foam product. Height: 33” Width: 48” Length: 72” Loaded Weight: 1130 lbs. Empty Weight: 630 lbs.

AMSTAF Control Station

RG -10 Detector

or by contamination


AMSTAF can be used as a carrier of mini unmanned helicopters for 3D pictures. Take-off, landing and back home. Navigation by GPS, Self height and stabilization, ½ Hour flying. Battery charge from the AMSTAF 2kg, 1m diameter, 3kg loud

AMSTAF can be used as carriers of a telescopic pole to take 3D pictures

Micro UAV take-off from the AMSTAF

AMSTAF 6 for anti-riot control

AMSTAF UGV solution with: Venom & LRAD recommended by the Israeli police and the Canadian RCMP for riots control, to keep police officers out of harm.

AMSTAF can be a mobile Non-Lethal Weapon platform in a crowd control situation. As such, AMSTAF was outfitted with two non-lethal weapon systems:


Our engineering team developed remote control UGV with heavy robotic arm for the Explosives Disposal and Technology Section (EDTS) for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The main benefit of using this type of UGV is its ability to drive it as a human driven vehicle up to 45kph, therefore, allowing fast deployment to begin treat EODs and tow heavy payloads (approx. 850kg) at the same time.

Neutralization of booby-traps, ambushes and Suicide car.

The AquaRam™ disrupter as an effective tool to explosively drives water and neutralized Vehicle Borne and sea containers EODs (VBIEDs) quickly and safely while fully environment and safety of the Bomb Technician with minimal collateral effects.

AMSTAF in Asymmetric low intensity Wars

Modern asymmetric and low intensity wars are where armies or law enforcement organizations confront small guerrilla/terror units or surface to surface missile launchers in three main zones,

From rough terrain, urban, dessert or forest covered areas

From civilian environment or from under-ground refuge, spread and simultaneity deployed layout in chaotic war zone without distinguished front

In each of these three confrontation zones, the next generation technology to be used by the fighting organizations and will have the most effective influence are the unmanned planes and Vehicles (Ground & Air)